It’s the law
 Several states mandate you carry worker’s compensation, even if you have only one employee. You must carry workers’ compensation for compliance with the law.

Workers’ compensation helps protect one of your most valuable assets – your employees
If they are injured while working for you, workers’ compensation will take care of their medical bills and pay their lost wages while they heal. Workers’ compensation will help get your employee back to work as soon as possible.

Workers’ compensation is portable
If you have workers that travel across state lines, double check that your workers’ compensation policy is written correctly. It is possible for workers’ compensation coverage to follow and protect employees that cross state lines. Since worker’s compensation requirements vary state by state, coverage can be declined if the policy is not written properly.

You can positively affect your premium
A good, aggressive, active safety program can not only keep your employees safe – but will keep your costs down. The better you control accidents, the lower your experience modification and monthly workers’ compensation premium payment will be.